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FAQ about credifana extension


What can I use Credifana for?

Credifana is a real estate chrome extension that allows users to browser properties from popular realtor websites to learn property metrics such as gross income, cash flow returns, and many more. What makes Credifana different is that we use current property data to get a better understanding of property value specific to any location across the United States.


Why should we use Credifana?

Credifana helps potential real estate investors learn the numbers before buying property. Credifana give accurate analysis of property values specific to the area you’re interested in. Credifana scans properties, size, units, market value specific to the area to provide accurate metrics for that property.


How does Freemium work?

Once you sign up you will receive 20 free clicks to search any properties that you want that are integrated with the extension (ex: Once your 20 clicks are finished, you can either wait until next month for another 20 free clicks or subscribe to another plan.


How do I search for properties using the extension?

After downloading the google chrome extension, you will first need to create an account via the website or extension. Once done, you will need to visit a real estate website that is integrated with Credifana extension such as Search for a property and the extension will scrape information about that property such as down payment, home price, and many more metrics. You may also change the information and settings to fit your specific needs.


How do I subscribe to a plan?

At, you can click on pricing when logged in and choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and review each subscription and its perks.


How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel your plan all you have to do is open the extension go to one of the websites that we are currently integrated with and click on any property. You will see a tab called “plan detail” on the extension click “cancel my plan”. Once you cancel you receive an email letting you know that your subscription has been canceled.


Which websites is Credifana currently integrated with?

Credifana is currently integrated with Soon, Credifana will be integrating with more realtor websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and many more.


Does the extension keep track of all the properties that previous searched?

Yes, the Credifana extension keeps track of all the properties that you’ve previously searched under the “property history” tab.